Lecture 65 of Shanghai Management Forum




Lecture 65 of Shanghai Management Forum

(Prof. Chen Guoqing, Deputy Dean of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, Doctoral Supervisor)


Subject: The Emerging IT Convergence and the Management Challenges

Time: 3:00 p.m. March 4th, 2011

Place: Auditorium 115, School of Management, SHU

LecturerProf. Chen Guoqing (Deputy Dean of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University)


Introduction to the lecturer:

Prof. Chen Guoqing, is a Doctoral Supervisor, Director of the Academic Council and Deputy Dean of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University.

As a senior scholar, Prof. Chen plays multiple roles in both academic and educational fields: member of National Informatiztion Expert Committee, Deputy Director of Teaching Advisory Committee for Management Science and Engineering Disciplines of Ministry of Education, President of CNAIS, Vice-chairman of Informational Economics Association of China, Vice-chairman of Management Science and Engineering Association, Vice-chairman of Research Association of Management Modernization of China, Vice-chairman of Fuzzy Mathematics and System Committee of System Engineering Association of China.

Prof. Chen has received a slew of prestigious awards: IFSA Fellow by the International Fuzzy System Association in 2009, Outstanding Contributor to Management by Fudan Management Prize Foundation in 2007, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education in 2006, Science Fund for National Outstanding Young Scholars in 1999. Prof. Chen is the principal for the national high-quality curriculum “Management Information System”, supervising hundreds of national excellent doctorial dissertations. Being the president of editorial advisory board for numerous international academic periodicals and international academic conferences, Prof. Chen has taken charge of many major programs in the fields of e-commerce and management information system of National Natural Science Foundation Committee, as well as many enterprise information strategy and management programs. His major research fields cover management information system, business intelligence and decision-making techniques, data model and fuzzy logic, etc.


Introduction to the lecture:

Along with the development of IT and the reforms of economic management practices in China, the convergence of technology and management presents some new features: on the one hand, the IT application is characterized by mobility, virtuality, individuation, extreme data, sociality, etc; on the other hand, the intense Chinese elements can be found in the management concepts and practices of economic activities. This newly-emerged phenomenon of IT convergence has brought new opportunities and challenges to the management theories and practices in China.

Such field trends as long-tail profit, social network, enterprise 2.0, key-word marketing, cloud computing and the research perspective and scientific problems of emerging e-commerce have provided vast exploring areas for both the educational circles and industries, including the rethinking of management concepts and business models as well as the academic pursuit for problem solutions of information management disciplines.

This lecture will illustrate some research progresses by means of discussions on such topics as IT acceptance and the cultural elements, information searching and business security and to some extent, embody the division and unity between behavioural school and technical school of research methodology


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