Brief Introduction
Sino-European School of Technology is co-founded by Shanghai University and French Technology University network, which is designed to produce engineers or masters who proceed with successive undergraduate and postgraduate l programs of study.

French UT network consists of three public universeity specialized in engineering science and technology, that is, University of Technology of Belfort –Montbe′liard ; University of Technology of Compiegne; University of Technology of Troyes France. These universities are regulated by Ministry of Education of France, which aim to bring up future elite engineers.

This school introduces excellent education resources and experience from France and the rest of Europe, together with the advangtages in education on the part of China. We spare no efforts to seek excellence in teaching, scientific research and management. Blessed with Chinese and European cultures and international environment, our graduates are expeted to be brilliant professionals in technology and its management, who boast knowledge of advanced engineering technolog and management, fine practical abilities and good command of foreign languages.
This school now has four disciplines: information engineering, namely, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Information Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Material Science and Engineering. Course system come in line with the latest development and our faculty come from China and France. This is also important platform for Shanghai University to carry out exchanges with France and the largest center to teach French in Shanghai, thus giving students a solid foundation for French learning and training.

College or School Information
Sino-European School of Technology               
Jianhua ZHANG
The school is founded jointly by Shanghai University and University of Technology Network of France; It is a platform of Sino-French and Sino-European teaching and research cooperation in the field of engineering. Some students can switch to a French master degree program or French engineer diploma program after 3 years of study in the school. Now, it offers 4 undergraduate programs including Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Biological Engineering and Material Science and Engineering.

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