The Winner of Turing Award Professor Niklaus Wirth visits Shanghai University

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The Turing Award is the most prestigious as well as the highest award in computer field, with the fame of “Nobel Prize in computer field”. From May 23rd to June 1st in 2012, the winner of Turing Award, inventor of programming languages such as Pascal and Module-2, and scientist of master level in international computer field Professor Niklaus Wirth from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich visited our university on invitation.

On May 24th 10:00 am, Professor Wirth presented a wonderful lecture entitled “Parallelism and Concurrency, Finally Genuine” in Library Auditorium of Shanghai University.

The atmosphere of whole lecture was warm and passionate, greatly broadened the outlook of those students present. During Q&A period after the lecture, students and teachers took an active part in communicating with the master of computer field. Professor Wirth gave splendid answers on questions raised by teachers and students. Audience there had a chance to see the master and meanwhile appreciated wisdom of Father of Pascal.

Author: Miao Huaikou

Translator: Tao Lina