Secretary General of Educational Committee of Thailand came to visit Shanghai University

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On May 11th, an eight-member delegation from Thailand Ministry of Education headed by Anek Permvongseni, the Secretary General of Educational Committee Office came to visit Shanghai University. Shanghai University has long been keeping a good cooperative relationship with high institutions of Thailand, jointly established its first overseas Confucius Institute with Prince of Songkla University. Up to now, these two universities have made multi-aspect as well as multi-fields exchange and cooperation.

Vice President of Shanghai University Wu Song met with the guests. President Wu extended a warm welcome to Secretary General Anek and other delegation members. Mao Xingyun, President of University for the Aged, Shanghai University introduced the development of Universities for the Aged in Shanghai. Moreover, Dean Wang of Adult Education College briefly introduced development of his college as well.

Secretary General Anek said that they gained greatly through the visit to Shanghai University and it was quite inspiring. They would make a report to their premier with achievement of investigation and research so that suitable regulations for the aged education of their own country could be drew up. The delegation also expressed their desire to establish more connects with us, learning from aged education and adult education of Shanghai University.


 Author: Liu Yi

 Translator: Tao Lina