is Professor and Chair of the Department of Radio, Television
and Film at the University of North Texas, in Denton, TX, USA.
Dr. Albarrans research focuses on the managerial and
economic aspects of the communication industries.

is Professor of Communication and International Relations at the
Annenberg School for Communication & School of International
Relations, University of Southern California.

Born in February 1949, Professor Chen Xihe graduated from the
Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Southwest
China Normal University in 1982 and from the Film Department
of the Chinese Academy of Arts in 1985. He got his Ph.D. in
Film & TV Art from The Ohio State University of the United
joined the USC Annenberg School for Communication as Director
of the newly formed Center for the Digital Future and as a
Research Professor.

is Professor of Communications and Media, and has held a
personal chair at Goldsmiths College since 1989. He has also
held endowed visiting chairs at Stanford, Stockholm and Oslo

  is Senior Lecturer in Communications and Cultural Studies in the
Department of Media and Communications at Goldsmiths
College, University of London.
is the President of the U. S. chapter of NETPAC (Network for the
Promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema). She is most well known as
the founding director of the Hawaii International Film Festival
(1980-1996) and the first director of the Palm Springs
International Film Festival (1989-1991).
Born in Zhejiang province in November, 1948, Professor Jing
Guanjun graduated from the branch campus of Fudan University
and has served successively at Shanghai University as the
Deputy Dean of the Department of Chinese Language and
Literature of the College of Liberal Arts, the Assistant to the Dean
of the College of Liberal Arts, and the Secretary of Party
Committee and the Deputy Dean of the School of Film and TV
Art & Technology.     More...

is Professor and Vice Dean of Graduate School of Journalism,
Columbia University. He can be reached


is Professor of Broadcasting Economics at the Institute for
Broadcasting Economics, Cologne University. He can be reached

Hamrin professor of economics and director of the Media
Management and Transformation Centre, J?nk?ping International
Business School, J?nk?ping University, Sweden, is one of the
worlds leading academic specialists in media economics and

is Professor, Educator, Critic, Preservationist and Dean of the
UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Rosen has spoken
at scholarly, public, and professional meetings in more than
twenty nations on subjects related to film criticism, media
history, and curatorship.

is Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern
California. His teaching and research interests include: politics in
the Peoples Republic of China, Asia Politics, international
relations of Asia, politics and film in China.